Goal Progress for June 2022

I set goals at the beginning of the year, and I’m tracking my progress in these updates during 2022.

Ugh, June was no bueno for life goals.

In May, I was away from home for 18 days. In June, I was home for 12 days.

Most by choice, a mix of work and personal trips, but across 7 trips, it was a disruption to my schedule and I find it hard to cope and focus on anything extra during those times.

I’m lowering the grade because most things haven’t changed. Essentially I read a little and got a few more SQL Saturdays scheduled.

Grade: C

Here are the goals:


  • DP-900 – Passed
  • DP-300
    – Stated studying, practice tests around 80% correct, need to schedule
  • Demo with SQL Server – 20% – dev db set up, started on pipeline
  • Demo with PostgreSQL – 20% – Dev db set up
  • Demo with MySQL – 0%
  • Feedback book – 100% – HIGHLY Recommended
  • Good Strategy/Bad Strategy – 48%


I made a slight alteration here. I didn’t try to hook up to Google Sheets, but instead pasted in some data and started to try and get this moving.

  • Link Google Sheets to Power BI – 0%
  • Create Report – 40%  – I have a report working for some of my metrics.
  • Create Dashboard – 20%  – A basic dashboard up, but need to decide on what to show here.
  • Get people using it – 0%


  • Support the Colorado groups by speaking twice and helping get one event set up
    – 40%
    • CO Springs event set up
    • Meeting with Denver SQL about an event
  • Speak at 3 other user groups outside of Colorado – 66%
    • Spoke at DBA Fundamentals group
    • Spoke at Toronto SSUG
  • Support SQL Saturdays – Help get 10 events run in 2022
    • I think we’re there. With the events coming online, there are 6 scheduled in H2, 3 that have run, and 3 more that are awaiting some detail to confirm. It looks like we’ll finish the year with 12, 10 of them in person.
  • Volunteer 4 days with Habitat – 0 days
    • Not happy about this. Now with a surgery, this will be delayed for a few months.

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