Christmas in July

My son asked me to sign for a package on Friday. He was at work and had ordered himself some new joystick for a gaming thing. He told me this was his “Christmas to himself in July.”

We’ve just past the halfway point of the year, and it’s been interesting. Both a semi-stressful moving on from the pandemic, and a fantastic opening up of life for me in many ways. I’ve had some great trips, experiences, and enjoyed time with people.

This is a time when many will treat themselves to a Christmas in July, perhaps with a gift or a trip that let’s them enjoy life. I thought about that as I saw a few articles like this one on sales and deals. It’s Independence Day on Monday, a holiday in the US, and lots of retailers use this as an excuse for a sale. I won’t likely get anything techy, but I do need some new gloves since we are putting in 1000′ of new fence at the ranch.

If you’ve had a good year, is there something you’d reward yourself with? A new mobile device? Maybe some tech-game thing? An upgrade to hardware? Maybe you’ll get a new car, like I did last year. Perhaps you’ll take a trip or partake in some event. I guess I fall into that category as my wife and I have tickets to the jazz festival in Winter Park in a few weeks. We’ll spend a weekend in the mountains as a reward for our hard work.

If it’s been a tough year, maybe there’s something you treat yourself with to cope with this crazy world. Let us know what you will do, or maybe dream a bit and think about what you might wish you would do.

Steve Jones

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