Honored to be a Microsoft MVP Again

I was renewed this week as a Microsoft MVP. This is my 15th award in a row and each year this happens it is an honor to be recognized for helping others.

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This is an award that Microsoft decides to give, based on the help and impact you have in their community. For me, this is in the data platform space, which includes SQL Server.

Playing My Game

I do many community things, primarily to help others. Some of these things are a part of my job, but I also make an effort outside of my job to teach, educate, and help others that want to become better at their jobs in improve my career.

That’s been my game, and I continue to play it on a regular basis. I appreciate that Microsoft recognizes this as valuable enough to award me the MVP, but whether they do or not doesn’t change what I do.

For anyone that is intrigued by the MVP, my advice to enjoy helping others. To write, speaker, organize, etc. to help your community in some way. If you enjoy doing that, and are willing to spend time regularly, then you might be an MVP.

I (and many others) are happy to nominate you, but you should be helping others as a regular part of your life first. If you do, then feel free to reach out and ask me to nominate you.

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