Using Telsa Dog Mode

This is part of a series that covers my experience with a Tesla Model Y.

It’s summer in Colorado. Actually, it’s a hot summer, with quite a few days approaching 100F. While I tend to work at home, the other day I was working remotely between a few doctor’s appointments. At various times I was in and out of coffee shops, or even working in my car. The latter is convenient when I have a meetings and need a quieter space than a coffee shop.

While I was working at one point, the climate controls turned off. Not a big deal, but I decided I wanted to avoid this, so I turned on Dog mode. This is a change to the car software Tesla added a year or so before I bought mine. This allows the car to control the climate, which makes it safe to leave a pet in the car.

I’ve used it a few times with our dogs when we’ve been running errands and we want to be sure they’re safe, and a cracked window might not be comfortable enough, especially on 90F+ days.

I used it for myself, and it worked well. I didn’t get the message on the screen, but it did keep the car at a comfortable temperature. I’ve also had a few friends note they enable this when running errands so the car doesn’t get too hot (or cold) in between stops.

I might start doing this when I got to the gym in the summer, just to keep the temperature a little more even.

One more thing I love about my Tesla.

A short video of this is on my channel.

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  1. Glenn Berry says:

    I use Dog Mode quite a bit, even with no dogs in the car. You can also use Keep mode, which is even easier to use.


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