Tesla Warranty Service for Trim

This is part of a series that covers my experience with a Tesla Model Y.

I noticed a problem on the driver seat of my Tesla a month or so ago. The trim piece around the side of the seat was loose. It appears a piece of the trim cracked off.


I picked the Service tab in the app and started to schedule things. I went through a couple menus to note this was interior to the car and a seat issue, then typed a few sentences to describe the issue. I uploaded this picture, and then was given the option to schedule service at one of the service centers.

Apparently this didn’t qualify for mobile service, which is fine. I picked one of the service centers near me (both about the same distance) and scheduled a date and time about a week out. I could have picked a time 3 days out, but that didn’t work in my schedule.


I got a few messages in the app during the week. First, one a day later to ask that I confirm I still want the appointment. A day or two later, they sent a note asking which seat, to confirm the driver seat. Then they sent an estimate of US$58, though noting this might be covered under warranty.

I approved them all as I assume I can argue the warranty thing in person.

I also got a note the day before that they were thinking this might take a couple hours with their load and letting me know that they were giving me ride share credits.

The Appointment

The morning of, I drove to the service center. I parked the car, and as I walked up, I checked the app. A new message showing me how to get a rideshare credit with Uber. No loaners, but that is nice.

I checked in with the reception person and then walked away. No need to give them a key. Apparently they have geo-fenced service keys for the Tesla Service Centers. Cool, also slightly disconcerting.

In any case, I worked for an hour and then had another appointment, so I called an Uber.

When I returned to Tesla, I realized I didn’t have my wallet, so I wanted to grab it. I went in the app to check the location and saw this:


Interesting. The car is in service and I can’t see app functions. I walked over to where I’d parked and it was still there. My phone worked as a key, and I could get in, but an “About” screen was visible, not the normal view. Also, a notice that the car was speed limited at this time, which is probably a good thing when techs are 20-something and have the opportunity to test a Plaid Model S for some reason.

In any case, glad I could get my wallet for lunch instead of playing the “where will my NFC phone work” game.

I went to lunch and about 30 minutes later I got a text that there was a message in the app. I checked and they said my car was done. They provided a message that told me where the car was located. I walked over, checked the repair (looked great) and drove away without talking to anyone at the end.

The repair was covered under warranty and I got an invoice for $0.00 in the app.

All in all a good, albeit slow, experience.

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