Goal Progress for Oct 2022

I set goals at the beginning of the year, and I’m tracking my progress in these updates during 2022.

Another month of busy stuff. Prepping for the Data Community Summit and 3 travel trips. Gone from home for 11 days, though I was working on some of those.

However, I re-focused a bit on things I need to do for grow myself. I did that with an eye on these goals, pushing myself a touch.

I also bolded the places where I’ve done something.

Grade: C-

Here are the goals:


I didn’t do much here with demos. Things have been changing a lot with work, and I’ve delayed some of this until tech settles slightly. Still on my list to do more here in Nov/Dec. I did read a bit and am finding Do Hard Things fascinating.

  • DP-900 – Passed
  • DP-300
    – Stated studying, practice tests around 80% correct, need to schedule
  • Demo with SQL Server – 20% – dev db set up, started on pipeline
  • Demo with PostgreSQL – 20% – Dev db set up
  • Demo with MySQL – 0%
  • Thanks for the Feedback – 100% – HIGHLY Recommended
  • Good Strategy/Bad Strategy – 100% – VERY interesting
  • Do Hard Things – 43% – HIGHLY RECOMMEND so far


I spent some time getting data into Google Sheets (sample data) and then hooking this to PBI Desktop. I haven’t tried to publish, but I managed to get this working-ish. Not sure if my auth will work in the cloud, but at least a few things are connected. I’m calling this 50% done.

I am aiming to start getting this to some kids in Dec, once I can collect a few stats for this season.

Added. Not tech, but I have been working on being a better volleyball coach. The book above is part of that, but I also signed up for some formal training. I started in Sept, but did get more coaching training done during my travels.

  • Link Google Sheets to Power BI – 50%
  • Create Report – 45%  – Minor updates to my report based on the Google Sheets data.
  • Create Dashboard – 30%  -Minor updates
  • Get people using it – 0%
  • Coaching Certification – 38%


  • Support the Colorado groups by speaking twice and helping get one event set up
    – 40%
    • CO Springs event set up and executed
    • Denver SQL Server SQL Saturday executed
  • Speak at 3 other community events (was user groups) outside of Colorado – 100%
    • Spoke at DBA Fundamentals group
    • Spoke at Toronto SSUG
    • Spoke at SQL Saturdays in Jacksonville, New Jersey, LA, Denver
      • Boston, Toronto in Oct
  • Support SQL Saturdays – Help get 10 events run in 2022
    – 100%

    • We have had 9 run this year and 9 more scheduled
    • In Oct, we had 5 events complete – Boston, Orlando, Memphis, Toronto, Richmond
  • Volunteer 4 days with Habitat – 0 days
    • Not happy about this still. I had hoped to go Sept 15, but they cancelled the build that day. Need to find another day, but it’s hard. They aren’t doing every Wed/Thur/fri, and travel is getting in the way.

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