The Way0utwest Joker #SeattleSummitMoments

I work for Redgate, who has been a great sponsor of the Summit in the past and now is charged with stewarding the event into the future. This post looks back at 2016, when I got into the swag.

If you have a memory, share it with #SeattleSummitMoments.

I’ve been with Redgate for almost 16 years now. Actually, my contract with them started 16 years ago next week. During that time, I’ve helped out at the booth numerous times at many Summits and other conferences.

In 2016, we were launching SQL Clone, and as a part of this promotion, they decided to give away playing cards as swag. They had cards made, changing the suits to tech things (databases, angle brackets, bells, gears). You can see a closeup of them below:


While doing this, they decided to use me as the Joker, with a bit of a likeness of me. All i good fun, and Carly posed for a picture with me. I think this was her idea.



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