Find the Hidden Lego Steve at the Summit

I’m part of a Redgate promotion at the PASS Data Community Summit. They ordered some Lego Steve’s, which will be available at the booth.

2022-11-10 14_40_49-PASS 2022 Keynote story board.pptx and 11 more pages - Personal - Microsoft​ Edg

You can post some photos with the little Lego Steve, or with me, under #LegoSteveAtSummit and enter a contest.

However, I heard they’re also having fun by printing some little Lego Steve’s around the convention center and in talks or online. In all, I’ve got a list of 8 places.

I’ll be around at the prize drawing Friday, and if anyone gets a list of 8, or even 7, bring it to me. I’ll have a few prizes, though not unlimited, so come by to collect something.

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