My Stats from 2022

I wrote last week about my travel, 23 trips in 2022. However, I’ve been gathering some other stats about my life and what I do, so I wanted to share a few of them here.


I mostly listen to music on Spotify these days. One thing I loved are the Spotify wrapped updates at the end of the year. For 2022, I had these stats:

Writing and Speaking

It’s my job. A few stats:

  • Editorials written – 151
  • Coping Tips – 257
  • Speaking sessions delivered: 34 talks
  • Events: 19 events
  • Blog views – 74,000+
  • Visitors: 55k+


Taking care of my health is important to me. I’ve always exercised regularly, and at one point I ran every day of the year for a few years. I’ve relaxed a bit, and settled into more of a routine. I miss a few days and I don’t stress about it, but I make my best effort to work by body a bit most days.

Stats from 2022. I might have missed some, but these are the gross totals. This adds up to more than 365 since I do two things some days. A lot of weight days have cycline or walking or something as a warm-up

  • Yoga: 89
  • Cycling (indoor and outdoor): 84
  • Weights 63
  • Walking 22
  • Elliptical: 22
  • Swimming: 14
  • Cardio classes: 2
  • Rowing: 2

Total workout days: 232

The total days is low for me, 232, which is 63% of the year. My aim is 75% of the days, but I had ankle surgery this year, which threw me off for a month, and I spent way too much time on the road with travel and missed working out some of those days.


I don’t know exactly how much I drove, but the Tesla give me some stats and I’ve been tracking a few. For the Tesla,  show about 17k miles this year, which is mostly me. For all the times my wife might drive (or the kids), likely I put miles on the X5 or Suburban (or a few in the Ram 3500), so this is not a bad set of mileage for me.

I also got to drive in two countries and a few states. Rough stats:

  • Miles driven 17,000
  • Countries: 2 (US and Portugal)
  • States: 5 (Colorado, New York, California, Florida, Nevada)
  • Top driving locations from the Tesla: Lifetime Fitness (135), Safeway (98), and a local gas station (89). Yes, I have a diet soda addiction.


I spend a lot of time reading books. They are an escape for me from life, and a way to improve myself. In 2022, I finished

  • 101 books
  • 35000+ pages
  • Avg. screen time on Kindle app for Dec: 10 hours/week

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