The Tesla Dashcam

I was driving home from the mountains recently and witnessed an accident. I have proof.

This is part of a series that covers my experience with a Tesla Model Y.

The Dashcam

The Tesla Model Y (and all models) has a number of cameras built into the system. This is recording all the time, and if you use the USB they give you (or buy another), you have the clips saved for the future. I bought a USB drive, and it’s been in the car recording when I drive. I sometimes use it when parking, but often not since that drains the battery as the car can’t sleep.

While driving home, I was slowing as I came to a red light. I saw two cars cross in front, getting ready to turn left in front of me. One accelerated, right in front of a car coming from my left.

The car going South, from my left, likely didn’t see the turning car as there were two cars stacked up to turn. The result is below, with a collision.

I haven’t been contacted by the police or insurance as of yet, but if they call, I’ve got video.

I like that this is built in. With modern cars having all sorts of computer tech in there, and cameras relatively cheap, I’d really expect that more manufacturers would put these in their offerings in the next few years. Or insurance companies would ask for them.

One annoying thing is the UI in the Tesla for viewing these is really slow to read the SSD and pull them up. Grabbing this out of the car and plugging into my computer let me pull off the video in a minute or two.

The hard part then is remembering to put the SSD back into the car 😉

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