T-SQL Tuesday #159– Resolutions

tsqltuesdayI missed T-SQL Tuesday last month. I got busy and distracted with some travel. For #159, Deepthi Goguri hosted. I’ve enjoyed watching her blog and grow her knowledge the last few years and I was honored to meet her in person at the 2022 Summit. Hopefully the first of more meetings.

She had two choices: SQL Server 2022 new features or New resolutions. Both are tempting. I’m actually in a SQL Server 2022 class with Bob Ward as I start this post, taking a break from overload.

Hmmm, what do I write about?

Note: You can always fill in your blog later with T-SQL Tuesday topics. Just pick one and link to it. That’s what I’m doing here.

A Neat SQL Server 2022 Feature

I’ve sometimes been excited by new features in SQL Server, sometimes not. In this case, one of the interesting things I learned from Bob Ward was on the new contained AGs in SQL Server 2022. This is a neat implementation that essentially creates a new master and msdb database for the AG that contains the server level objects needed by the AG databases. This gets logins, jobs, etc. into these extra dbs.

There might be some holes in here, but being able to have these objects automatically synched is huge. The downside is you need to add these objects while connecting to the AG databases, so I can see some admins making mistakes and connecting to the instance rather than the AG, but I’m also hoping some automation, some scripting, etc. is used to ensure this works smoothly in your environment.

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2 Responses to T-SQL Tuesday #159– Resolutions

  1. Have you heard if there are any plans to expand upon functionality in SSMS’s query tool,? For example teh ability to sort or filter on the results without re-executing the query or exporting it to Excel? I personally do a lot of exporting to Excel just so as to avoid re-executing a long query when all I need to do is find something within the existing results. With both be Microsoft products I would have thought they’d have used Excel (or some portion of it) as the results grid in SSMS to provide these kinds of features.


  2. way0utwest says:

    There are some third party add-ons that do these things with results.


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