How Important is Zero Downtime?

As I work with more and more customers at Redgate, I see some interesting trends. During the pandemic (and prior), we got a lot of questions on zero downtime and how to achieve database DevOps without causing problems. Those are always interesting discussions, and I find many people want magical solutions without having to change the way they work.

The last year, however, has had more people looking to implement database DevOps and speed up their development, but not a lot of questions or demands for zero downtime during these deployments. I find that interesting as the world depends more and more on computer systems, and the customer base for many organizations may demand access to the systems at any hour of the day or night.

However, it doesn’t seem that as many people are concerned about small moments of downtime. Does this mean that more organizations aren’t measuring uptime anymore? Perhaps the interruptions caused by software deployments aren’t being counted? Or maybe the application software has gotten better at hiding blips in database access. Perhaps feature flags are catching on as a standard practice, so database deployments are less troublesome.

I’m not sure what has changed, but it has been noticeable by me that the importance of making changes without downtime has not been a requirement from many customers. Is that the case for many of you reading this? Are you less concerned about downtime? I think one nice thing about the move to the cloud is it’s a little less stable, and perhaps that has lowered some of the expectations of our management. Since it’s out of our control, maybe we shouldn’t be too concerned about the need for retries, either automatic or a customer pressing a button again.

Let us know today if you feel pressure to get closer to zero downtime, either in your everyday management of databases or during deployments. Or maybe tell us if you’ve gotten so good at your job that no one every notices when you do make changes.

Steve Jones

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