Goal Progress for March 2023

The grade for March is also D. Details below, but just not making a lot of progress in these areas. In fact, I find myself not motivated to work on goals very much. That’s a bit sad, but it’s also where I am in life.

So far I have for 2023:

  • Jan – D
  • Feb – D
  • Mar – D

I set goals at the beginning of the year, and I’m tracking my progress in these updates during 2022.

Reviewing Goals

The last month has been hectic. Both life outside of work and work have had me tackling lots of little tasks, which is distracting and reduces my energy for focused work. As a result, I haven’t been doing much on these goals.

I think I’m slightly overloaded, and worried about burnout, so I’m going to ignore goals for Q2.


Two books on the list: marketing and coaching. I haven’t picked a marketing book, but I picked Wolfpack for coaching. With one started and one not, this is an F.



My goals:

  • Set up a tracking system based on the book for my efforts with customers
  • Track and calculate my scores to help me better approach how I work with customers.
  • Review this with my boss and with someone in sales

Rating: B

I have been tracking my interactions with customers here. There haven’t been a lot, but it is interesting to stop and think about how this is going. I have chatted with my boss and gotten a little feedback.


Here are the goals I set.

  • 2 speaking engagements for community (RMOUG Training Days complete. SQL Bits complete)
  • Reach out to 10 SQL Sat groups that did not run an event in 2022 and motivate them for 2023. This should be at least 2 emails to each person/group.
  • Reach out to all 2022 organizers and ask about plans for 2023
  • Start coding a tool for converting schedules to HTML.
  • Hold office hours once in Q1
  • Send 3 monthly SQL Saturday updates to the community

Rating: D

I did complete another community (unpaid) speaking engagement. I’ve reached out to a few SQL Saturday groups and we have a few more events on the schedule, but I haven’t had a lot of energy to do this and the limited responses are discouraging.

Yes, I get discouraged.

Haven’t started a tool, didn’t hold office hours, two updates sent.


My goals:

  • Use my Power BI report for stats
  • Update the Power BI report based on feedback from athletes
  • Build 6 wooden coasters – I haven’t made enough time for my hobby here, so I’m going to start small. We need more coasters (as noticed over the holidays), so I want to build 6. Same style, different.

Rating: D

I haven’t updated the Power BI report. In fact, I found a couple errors in calculations since DAX is a weakness of mine. As a result, I pulled down some pages. I also think my data model is slightly broken and needs work. No time spent on here.

It’s been cold, and when it isn’t, I’ve had other things to tackle, so no time on wood projects for me. I feel bad about this, but I also know I have too many hobbies. With my Duolingo language stuff, guitar, and then coaching, not a lot of time to spend here.

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