Off to the 2023 Microsoft MVP Summit

I’m off today to Seattle, Redmond actually, and the Microsoft MVP Summit. This is an annual conference Microsoft has run for their MVPs, allowing them to interact and learn from the developers for various products.

I am a Microsoft Data Platform MVP, which means that I’ll mostly be seeing sessions and talking with the developers for SQL Server, Azure SQL, Synapse, etc. All the Data Platform stuff.

The entire event is under NDA, so I can’t discuss anything that happens or what I will learn. At least not this week. A lot of this will come out from under NDA in the next few months, and this event gets me the chance to work with some things before they become public.

It’s also the chance to get to know the developers and product managers better. I’ve become good friends with some over the years, and I look forward to the chance to not only learn from them, but share a meal or drink at some point this week.

A quick trip, out today, back Thursday. Just in time to meet the tractor guy Friday.

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3 Responses to Off to the 2023 Microsoft MVP Summit

  1. I take it these are also good times to drop suggestions/recommendations into the ears of influential persons? Ideal times to provide directly to the source a summary of ideas, feedback and recommendations you’ve received from various sources?

    With all its functionality I’m surprised that MS hasn’t Integrated Excel with SSMS. Maybe I’m unique in this way but I frequently export query results to Excel to then use Excels unique features and it sure would be nice if Excel were a part of SSMS so the export wasn’t necessary.


    • way0utwest says:

      This is the time to drop ideas. I can’t imagine them integrating this since that creates dependencies, but I do wonder if anyone has thought about launching Excel with results. My guess is they’ll say “this is easy”, but I’ll ask


    • I may be misremembering but I want to say it was the integration of Red Gates SQL Promot that first allowed for exporting to Excel. In some later versions of SSMS Microsoft may have added that natively but I’m fairly certain you guys at RedGate first did this and for those of having to create reports in Excel from manually run queries ot was a tremendous help because the export handled setting each column to the desired type where as if you copy the query results and paste into Excel that doesn’t happen



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