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Experiment First

Not too long ago, I had a sales engineer contact me about a script that a customer needed. It was similar to others we have for various Redgate tools, but also different enough that the customer needed help. In fact, … Continue reading

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Fragmented or Centralized Data

I read a piece recently that talks about the hassles of copying data multiple times for different applications. In my experience, I haven’t seen this to be the main problem with data. It’s not often that we might replicate, in … Continue reading

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Launching SQL Compare with Context

Years ago Redgate Software started some work to link our tools together. I remember early efforts, about which I had dubious thoughts as to the value. I hadn’t looked at how the work had progressed until a little earlier this … Continue reading

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Aging in Technology

Every winter my wife flirts with the idea of returning to a corporate job and making more money. Winter is a slow time for horse training, and she gets bored and antsy. Horse training is physically hard, and as we … Continue reading

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