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How Perfect Should Our Software Be?

I’ve a fan of Basecamp (formerly 37Signals). I think that Jason and David run their company, business, design, and software in a fascinating way. If I didn’t work for an amazing company (Redgate Software), I’d might see if they want a DBA/evangelist. Over … Continue reading

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Do You Have a SQL Server Estate?

At Redgate, we do a lot of research. Maybe not as much as Microsoft Research, but we are always trying to investigate more about customer problems and challenges before we build or change software. Take our survey on SQL Server … Continue reading

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Don’t Leave the Database Behind…Or Win If You Do

If you’ve had struggles with database development and had a real world disaster, you could win in a new Redgate contest. We’re looking for the places where old style, waterfall, traditional database development has been a problem. Especially when application … Continue reading

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You Need Offline Backups

If you hadn’t heard about it, VFEMail may be dead. At least, that’s what the founder was thinking in this article. A malicious hacking incident took place last week, and though they’re back up and running, who knows if customers will stick by … Continue reading

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