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The Last iPhone

A few years ago the iPhone 7 was released. This was a big release for Apple, and I knew quite a few people that were ready to plunk down their credit card on day 1 and upgrade. I wasn’t, and in fact, … Continue reading

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The Easy Phone Restore

This is hardware week for me, with a new phone coming in the mail. This was a warranty replacement for one whose battery is dying. I can start the morning at 7am with 100% charge and by noon my iPhone … Continue reading

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Changing Cell Phones Again

Slightly off topic, but since I use a cell phone so much for data transfer and work, it’s important that my device works for me. This is my current thought and experience, so take it with a grain of salt. … Continue reading

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Windows Phone – What Should Microsoft Do?

I’ve been intrigued by Windows Phone as a platform. I’ve never owned one, and while I considered getting one, the dearth of apps led me to an Android instead. I really tried to get down to a list of core … Continue reading

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