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A Buggy Release

I definitely believe in a DevOps process, though a thoughtful, incremental one. I think this is the best way to develop software, whether you release every day or every year. Yes, you can implement DevOps and release once a year. … Continue reading

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ReadyRoll and Octopus Deploy Webinar

I’ll be hosting a webinar next week, Thursday, July 28, with Daniel Nolan (t) (founder of ReadyRoll and fellow Redgate employee) and Damian Brady (b | t) of Octopus Deploy. We’ll be talking deployment, with demos to show you how … Continue reading

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Scary Deployments

I was listening to a web developer talk about some fundamental changes in a web platform. In this case, an older system was being replaced completely with a new one, and as one of the reasons, the developer showed some … Continue reading

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Baby Steps to DevOps

I’ve been re-reading the book, Continuous Delivery, as part of the current San Diego Technology Immersion Group monthly meeting track. This book was the focus of the first meeting in May, and will continue for the next couple months. Continuous Delivery … Continue reading

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