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Azure DevOps Changing Build Notifications

I don’t do a lot of team builds in Azure DevOps, but I constantly use it for demos. However, I’m often experimenting with things and I break builds regularly. I used to show the email notifications to audiences years ago, … Continue reading

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No Excuse to Ignore the Database

I’ve been writing, talking, and practicing DevOps for nearly 20 years. It wasn’t called DevOps back then, but in the early part of this millennium, I worked in a software team that embodied many of the three ways of DevOps.  … Continue reading

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Double Half and Quarter

I’ve worked in a a couple very high performing organizations that adapted to changing conditions and built software well. I’ve worked in more poorly performing organizations that struggled to release updates and patches, causing tremendous stress for the IT staff.  … Continue reading

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Sabotage at Work

I caught a link to the OSS’s Simple Sabotage Field Manual from David Perell. It was written as a guide to destroying organizations during WWII to be distributed to citizens of enemy states. The OSS later became the CIA, but … Continue reading

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