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Rolling Back Migrations

I happen to be a fan of database migrations as a way of making and deploying database changes. This is an approach that tracks each of the scripts run by developers in their working environments and the replays these scripts … Continue reading

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Republish: Selling Automation to Ops

On a plane, back to the UK, so republishing Selling Automation to Ops

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Modeling and Design Are More Important in DevOps

I’ve run across a few customers that are adopting DevOps processes for the database. This makes sense as I deal with Redgate Customers, many of whom are doing this. As they adopt a Compliant Database DevOps process, it seems often … Continue reading

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The Single Pane of Glass

One of the things that I’ve seen talked about quite in the DevOps movement is a single pane of glass. That phrase seems to be in use to describe a way of quickly understanding the state of your environment. It … Continue reading

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