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Chopping Off Data

Do you know the difference between XLS and XLSX? They’re both Excel formats, and many of us might just use one or the other. After all, the latest versions of Excel work with both, and if you’ve been using a … Continue reading

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What’s the Mashup Engine?

I was testing something the other day and ran sp_who2 on a test instance. I saw this in the program listing: I had never seen the Mashup Engine listed in a program list, and I certainly don’t have any program … Continue reading

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Getting the Hyperlink from Excel

I had a spreadsheet of data that contained hyperlinks. In this case, it was a series of Microsoft Knowledge Base Articles with a hyperlink associated with them. I would assume there’s an easy function in Excel to extract these, but … Continue reading

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Adding Minutes in Excel

A short one, but I found myself wasting time recently. I use an Excel sheet to schedule some items out each day. It’s not my choice to do this, but the service I use requires this to not manually set … Continue reading

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