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Learn More than Technology

I’ve been lucky and successful in life in many ways. Certainly I’ve worked hard, may long days and nights, but plenty of others have as well. In fact, there are plenty of people I know that have worked more hours, … Continue reading

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Financial Advice for Techies

I’m not writing a post here on how to manage your money, but I will point you to Troy Hunt’s post. He wrote a great one called 10 Personal Finance Lessons for Technology Professionals. Read it. I was lucky enough … Continue reading

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The Financial DBA

I’ve got an Azure subscription. At least, I think I have just one. I know I have a few Microsoft accounts, across 4 (or more) different email addresses, that I use for various VSTS development purposes, but only one should … Continue reading

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Software Assurance Cuts Back

Did anyone ever use this benefit of Software Assurance (SA)? Apparently if your company had SA on Microsoft software, you could purchase that software for a discounted price for use in your own home. I wasn’t aware of it, and … Continue reading

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