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Starting a Proof of Concept with SQL Change Automation

One of the ways that you can more easily perform database development tasks is with SQL Change Automation (SCA). This is a plug-in from Redgate that works with Visual Studio, and while there are tutorials on Setting up SCA and … Continue reading

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What is Projectsv13 in SQL Change Automation?

I got this question recently from someone that was evaluating the SQL Change Automation client in Visual Studio. After setting up a new PoC (Proof of Concept), they were confused about why there is a new entry in their list … Continue reading

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Updating VSTS to SQL Change Automation

We (Redgate) released SQL Change Automation a few weeks back. This is the first stage to implementing a combined toolset that works with both state/comparison development and migrations based development. The change updated both our migrations toolset (previously ReadyRoll) and … Continue reading

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Updating to SQL Change Automation

The SQL Change Automation release was early this week.  This is replacing ReadyRoll and our DLM Automation products, rolling them into a single product and is the first stage of unifying our state and migration based solutions. When I logged … Continue reading

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