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Better Communication of Information

Many of us work with data in some way that helps a customer better understand data, use it to make a decision, or support a some conclusion. The way we present data (or help others present data) can impact how … Continue reading

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When to Use Zero

I’m not great at building charts and graphs. I can build a basic chart, but I often depend on the tooling I use to size, scale, etc. appropriately for whatever I’m graphing. That, or I just use a basic graph … Continue reading

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A Quick Look at Travel

I was experimenting with visualizations the other day, and started playing with SandDance, a tool from Microsoft that you can use in Power BI or Azure Data Studio. I’ll write more, but I loaded up a quick look at the … Continue reading

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A few years ago I went to a seminar from Edward Tufte that talked about information and how we can better present it to people to convey information and help make better decisions. I was fascinated by the talk, loved many of … Continue reading

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