– Easiest Rebuild Ever – Windows 7

I’m somewhat conservative with my machines. These days it’s a tool for me, and I’m not looking for the coolest thing, I’m looking for something that works.

I started running Windows 7 RC a few months ago when some friends had gotten it working pretty well on their machines with few issues. I bought a new desktop as I was running slow with some things, and wanted to mess with Hyper-V. I got a 64bit, 8GB desktop, and put Windows on it.

And regretted it. A little. Windows 7 was broken for me. Fortunately I still had me old desktop on the other side of the room to save me for the time being.

However it became more of a problem, especially as I had to move between machines to get a few things done. I ran the Easy Transfer utility early last week in preparation for a rebuild. With the RTM out, I knew I needed to move and see if I could fix a few things. But then didn’t do anything all week.

Finally Friday afternoon I saw that I had been using my laptop more and more and decided to give it a try. My first step was to copy my documents, pictures and downloads to a second drive. That got me the main backup, and most everything else was on my old desktop and laptop. Then I put the Windows 7 RTM Ultimate DVD in the drive, rebooted, whacked the main drive partition, and started the install.

I left for the evening to spend time with my daughter, but I’d gotten the install started copying files.

I woke up Saturday morning, and it was ready for a user name, computer name, and password. I entered those, and I had a desktop. My first step was to install a few pieces of software to get me going, specifically:

  • Adobe Reader
  • Adobe Air
  • Twirl
  • the Intellipoint drivers for my mouse
  • Firefox
  • Live Mesh

Those worked easily, and then I remembered that I’d done the Easy Transfer. I re-ran that, got my settings, and documents back. I sync’ed up a couple folders I’d added and my most recent mail files, and it seemed I was good to go.

Now I’m using the new desktop, and installing some missing software again, like SQL 2008 and Office 2007. I’ll blog a bit more about the experience as I go.

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