Taking Time Off

I’m trying to better manage my workload. When I owned this site, I struggled to find time off, and typically worked all the time, even on vacations!

The last couple years I’ve slowly started to pull away a bit and find a better balance. Allowing some guest editors to run the site for a day, trusting others to get some work done, has helped me to keep things in a better perspective.

So today marks the start of another short break for me. My wife and I are trying to get away alone once a year, and are heading to Vegas for a few days next week after the July 4 Holiday. It’s new for us, and with kids (9 and 11), we’ve been nervous about leaving them, but it worked out earlier this year, so we’re trying it again.

I do try to find balance in my life, and it’s something I write about. You need to understand the job is the job, and while it can be rewarding and fulfilling, don’t live to work. Work to live.

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