Interviewing for the PASS Board of Directors

My nomination application made it through the committee. I got an email yesterday telling me that I needed to schedule an interview, and a list of available slots.

I picked next Friday, August 6th, at 10am PST for my slot and it’s scheduled. It’s a phone interview, according to the process on the PASS Election site, and I’m guessing this will be an interesting conference call. I’ve had group interviews before, but never on the phone, so I’m wondering what this will be like.

Time to prep, and thanks to Buck Woody (blog | Twitter), I have a list of tips to go over:

  • Try not vomiting on the table when you talk to them. Or at least more than once.
  • Also do not pause and look at one of them and say "did you just call me fat?"
  • Another tip: End each statement with "… in accordance with prophecy."
  • Tip #4: Grin really big the whole time and answer each question with "I’ve got new socks on!"
  • Tip #5: Say "Wanna hear the noise I can make with my finger and my nose?"
  • Tip #6: Wear skates.
  • Tip #7: For each answer, adopt a different accent.
  • Tip #8: Wrap your head in seran-wrap and cut little holes out to breathe.
  • Tip #9: Tell them you can hold your breath for over 7 minutes, then do it.
  • Bring several ferrets and allow them to run free during the interview. In the middle of the interview, add a monkey.
  • Tip #10: After each statement, say "Am I right, or what?" OK, that’s an even number, I can stop on that tip.

I’m not sure exactly what to prep here, since I’ve never run for a position that had an interview. When I ran for the HOA board, they just had to have someone else second me. I understand this is a little different as the organization needs semi-qualified people, and it can be hard to sustain if people get on the board that won’t do work.

There is a form that is used to rate people during the interview, so I’ll review that as well as my application.

Hopefully this will go well.

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