In the Interests of Transparency

I read Stuart Ainsworth’s blog post this morning, and I thank Stuart for posting something. However, there’s an implication in there that I know more than I’ve posted and am withholding information. So, in the interest of transparency:

I give PASS, the organization, and the PASS Board of Directors Nominating Committee, full permission to release anything about my application to run for the board of directors, with the exception of my home address, phone numbers, social security number, and birthdate.

I’m sure most comments aren’t flattering, or maybe not even nice. I’ll stand on who I am.

Also, a clarification: since my interview on August 6th, I have received one email as the sum total of my communication from PASS, excepting the Connector newsletter. That email was this morning, as shown below:


I am including the full text of that letter, which is all I know about the reason I was rejected. I can speculate on exact reasons, but this is all I know. The full text is:

Dear Steve,
Thank you for your application to the PASS Board of Directors. After interviews with the candidates, the nominating committee spent an extensive amount of time deliberating before a slate consisting of 5 candidates was proposed to the board. After discussions, a majority board voted to accept the slate. I regret to inform you that your name was not among the 5 candidates proposed by the nomination committee for the 2010 Elections to the PASS Board of Directors.
The nominating committee considered two important factors in their decision for placing candidates on the slate – volunteer efforts with PASS and the ability to be an effective leader and team player in a predominantly volunteer based organization.
PASS is a volunteer organization.  Volunteers who do much of the work for the community do so because they feel valued and appreciated. An effective board member must be able to work with volunteers from all levels of expertise and commitment.  It is the board members responsibility to lead and encourage volunteers. While the NomCom continues to be impressed by your passion and support for the SQL Server Community, questions were raised during the interview regarding your ability to effectively work with volunteers in an executive capacity. The limited work you had on PASS committees was a factor in the NomCom’s decision. This can be easily addressed with your continued participation in PASS committees.  Therefore we ask that you continue to volunteer with PASS, at the international level, so that you gain valuable experience in working with all levels of volunteers.  I look forward to your interest on serving on the Board of Directors for the next election cycle.
On behalf of the PASS Board and the nominations committee, I thank you for your service to the organization. We truly appreciate your volunteer spirit, and look forward to your continued involvement with the PASS organization.
If you have any questions or need further feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly at
Wayne Snyder
Distinguished Architect

Steve Jones: I have removed Wayne’s contact information
SQL Server MVP
Microsoft Certified  IT Professional – Database Administrator
Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist – SQL Server
Microsoft Certified Trainer
Business Intelligence Specialist

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