In about a week and a half, the SQLServerCentral opening night party takes place at the PASS Summit. And while I won’t be there, I’m in charge of the prizes that will be going out to everyone attending.

In the past I’ve usually done a couple big Best Buy trips to load up on prizes, but this year I tried a few new things. Up until about two weeks ago, I was worried about my budget since the registration numbers were down for my referral code. So I went looking for some lower priced prizes since I tend to value some level of quantity and try to get more prizes out to people.

Fortunately, about that time I ended up with an email from ThinkGeek. With my kids by my side, we surfed around the site and ended up with a few things. I won’t list them all, but I did get some of these:

I also did hit Best Buy and grab a bunch of DVDs that were on sale. Among the titles I got were:

  • Iron Man 2
  • Hancock
  • Matrix all 3 in one
  • Batman – all 4 in one
  • more!

As I wandered around, however I saw some other interesting things and grabbed a few:


And since my budget was a little higher than expected, I grabbed nice prizes. I wasn’t sure that I’d get one of these, but I did (these are going to Connections, but I have another).

In the past we’ve saved three big prizes for the most profitable gambling winners, though I’m not sure I’ll do that for the iPad. Likely I’ll have someone do a drawing from the tickets at the Exceptional DBA presentation and award it then.

Good luck to everyone!

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