Insert_Identity Permissions

Despite my joking with Aaron Bertrand on Twitter that his suggestion on Connect got voted down because he’s Canadian, I think he has a great point with a hole in Books Online. He wrote a nice blog on the item, and it’s one you ought to consider voting up if you agree.

I voted it up, and I think this is the type of half-*ssed documentation that is strewn throughout Books Online. While it’s a great document, and has a lot of information, it’s not always clear what is meant, and there are often holes. Most items have permissions listed, but not all, and even those that do are not clearly written or even correct.

In my mind, the ability to change the identity values on a table ought to be either explicitly a permission that is given to users (GRANT IDENTITY_INSERT on xx to yy) or it ought to be included with the INSERT permission. There isn’t really anything here that’s altering a schema. It’s an insert permission for a user, that explicitly needs to put in a value, perhaps to close a sequence, or fix a failed insert. There’s no reason to require any elevated permission for this action.

In any case, having the documentation clearer, even if it doesn’t behave as I’d expect it, is something I think is worth voting for.

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