Denver SQL Server User Group Holiday Party

Tonight was the 2010 Denver SQL Server User group party. I typically haven’t done in the past to the holiday meetings since they aren’t usually well attended, and time is vey valuable. However this year the meeting was being held at a local bowling alley, and I decided to go.

It started early, at 5, and attendance was sparse at first, but by 6 we had about 20 or so people there. It was a mixed group, and a number of people I didn’t know. I didn’t bowl, mostly because throwing that ball hurts my fingers, but also because I’m not good and wanted to network more.

A couple hours of time for me, the chance to catch up with people I haven’t seen since our SQL Saturday, and little SQL talk. This was definitely one of the better holiday parties I’ve attended in the past.

Of course, being a geek, I  listened to Paul Randal talk Backups and CheckDB on the ride over and back.

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