I’m in the Bahamas!

This is a week off for me from SQLServerCentral, so if you’re expecting a response, you might not get one on Twitter, in email, etc. My wife won a trip back to the Caribbean for her work in sales last year for her company, and this is the week the two of us are getting away from kids and enjoying ourselves at Atlantis in the Bahamas.

This is my continuing with an attempt to better balance life and work, and take all of my vacation in a year. My wife and I went away last January, and again for a long weekend in the summer. This winter we took Thanksgiving and Christmas to be with the kids and ski, trying to recharge my batteries and enjoy life with my family.

I hope the rest of you get the chance to enjoy your life away from work, and find the balance that I’m striving for in mine. I’ll see you next week when I’m back at my desk, and typing away at the computer.

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