Back from the MVP Summit

Back home after three days in Seattle at the 2011 MVP Summit. As I wrote in an editorial this week, I can’t really talk about much, but the SQL Server development team at Microsoft is doing good work and I’m looking forward to the next few versions of  SQL Server.


Relaxing at the MVP Summit

The Summit was mostly in the Commons building at Microsoft this year. I’ve been to the building complex before, but never spent more than a few hours there. It’s a nice central location with a  variety of restaurants and shopping options for the employees. It’s a beautiful looking building, as you can see here.


The Commons

Inside it’s almost like a high end food court, where you can get all kinds of food (you have to pay), including a nice coffee shop where I managed to get coffee each morning. There were plenty of places to sit and chat, or relax, and even an inpromptu band that I saw one day.

A good time, and valuable to me since I had the chance to meet and catch up with a number of people. As I mentioned in the editorial, we do get good dialogs with Microsoft and I think that MVPs do a great job advocating for their clients and the rest of the community.

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