My 2011 PASS Summit Submissions

I wasn’t sure that I would submit anything, but in the end I committed to a few events in Seattle and decided that this was something I should do. If I get selected it will save my boss some $$ and it’s part of what I should be doing for my job.

I’ve done 3 different presentations in the last year for various events and decided on submitting only one of them to the Summit. The other is a variation on one I’m building for SQL in the City. I built that one to show off some Red Gate tools, so the places where I show demos of tool stuff I’ll rip those out and go with generic solutions instead.

The last one actually came to me one night when I couldn’t sleep. I had been thinking about work and had an upset stomach one night. I was up a few times and while sitting on the edge of the tub, trying to decide if I should go back to bed or just give up, this presentation came to me. I had the iPad with me and spent about 45 minutes or so in Evernote, sketching the outline to the presentation in 10 parts, and then fleshing out 4 or 5 of them into a few paragraphs apiece.

Here are my three, and no idea how they’ll do against the competition, or even if the committee will consider them, but we’ll see.

Preparation for Disaster

Sooner or later some sort of disaster occur on your SQL Server instance. It might be the destruction of a server, the corruption of a page inside the database, or just the unexpected deletion of some data. When disaster does strike, will you be prepared? Steve Jones will cover a number of common disaster occurrences and the ways in which you can be prepared to handle the situations.

The Top Ten SQL Server Skills You Need

Come learn the ten most important skills that every accidental DBA, developer, or even manager should be able to do in SQL server. If you want to know where to start working with SQL server or which 10 things will get you through most of your days, some see Steve Jones show you how to accomplish these ten important tasks and explain why they are important. These ten skills represent the 80/20 rule in action; if you can do these ten things, you can successfully get through most of your days at work.

Branding Yourself for a Dream Job -The Modern Resume

Everyone wants a dream job that they enjoy going to each week. However finding that job, and getting yourself hired can be hard for most people. Steve Jones will give you practical tips and suggestions in this session that show you how to better market yourself, how to get the attention of employers, and help improve the chances that the job you want will get offered to you. Learn about networking, blogging, writing, speaking , and more from Steve Jones, who has successfully used these techniques to find his dream job.

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