Fun with SQLskills

I’m in a fun mood today, so a few silly items for you.

The last few weeks, Paul Randal (blog | @PaulRandal) of SQLskills has been doing a quiz on Twitter some days. He’s asked some rather difficult questions on Twitter, and people have had fun following along. I decided to get in on the fun today with a few questions of my own as a “pre-test” to his quiz.

Question 1: Which of these glasses does Kimberly Tripp (blog | @KimberlyLTripp) prefer?


Question 2: What is this and is how does it relate to Paul Randal?


Question 3: Will it fit?


I’m having fun today, as you can see


In case you really want the answers:

A1: none of them; they’re all empty!

A2: It’s a kilt, which is a skirt for boys from Scotland. That’s where Paul was born.

A3: I’ll let you know after this evening Winking smile

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  1. Mark says:

    I like your sense of humor! Surely Kimberly does too 8^D.


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