The Top Ten Skills You Need

One of the things I’ve found is that so many people struggle to get started with SQL Server. There are regular questions about how to learn to work with SQL Server, so I built this quick talk that should help you get started.

This talk is built on the 80/20 rule, the idea that 80% of your job needs 20% of the DBA skills, and vice versa. So these are a series of skills, presented quickly, that should get you through most of the things that you need to deal with in SQL Server as an administrator.

Developers will find that spending a little time learning these skills will also let them easily setup a SQL Server instance that can maintain itself for the most part without them. And it will protect them in the event there are issues.

The talk moves quickly, but there are lots of links and references in the deck.


The slides are on my SkyDrive.


This talk is built for 60-75 minutes

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