The T-SQL Tuesday #027 Roundup

UPDATE: I found a few more posts, and have added them to the round up. Trackbacks didn’t work for some reason.

I didn’t have quite the level of participation for T-SQL Tuesday #027 that I would have liked. I understand it was a holiday, and many people might have been otherwise occupied (a good thing), and there’s less work for my round up (a good thing), but less information out there (a bad thing). Perhaps it wasn’t a great topic, but in any case, here’s the roundup.

In the early hours of the day, Rob Farley in Australia gave is a short preview of Big Data coming in 24 hours of PASS.

Right behind Rob, Pinal Dave in India gave a simple explanation of Big Data that I thought made it easy to understand some of the concepts behind how Big Data and SQL Server fit together.

Sebastian Meine wrote an interesting piece on purging data, and how large data manipulation operations can benefit from indexing.

The SQL Philosopher talks about some of the challenges of rapidly growing data in his environment.

Vinod Kumar has a nice summary of what the challenges of Big Data in general can be.

Bob Pusateri has a post on why he loves Big Data. I agree with him that Big Data gives the DBA a chance to shine, but also a chance for lots of headaches. You have to decide how you feel about that.

Mike Walsh has a post on what he’s doing with Big Data, and Hadoop, with a client of his. An interesting read on the application of large data sets.

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