AdventureWorks in SQL Server 2012 RC0

The sample databases for SQL Server 2012 haven’t been completely finalized, but I was able to find the latest version here for AdventureWorks. This download gives you an mdf, and that’s it. You can’t directly attach that in SSMS, but you can use T-SQL to do it.


ON (FILENAME = ‘c:\SQLdata\ADventureWorks2008R2_data.mdf’)


You get a note that the log file is invalid from the MDF, but a new log is created and you have your sample databases attached.

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  1. I just did the same thing recently on SQL 2012. I decided to try attaching that file via SSMS gui and it worked perfectly. All I did was remove the reference to the log file that the GUI throws in. It auto-created the log-file for me.


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