Exercise in the Margins

This article about exercising when you can is really interesting. It contains a number of hints about exercising and fitting it in, but fitting it into your life, as you live it. I especially like the note about the fact that you will lose time in your life every month for reasons beyond your control. That’s certainly true.

I run every day. As of Thur, that was 1353 days in a row that I’ve run at least a mile. I started the mile a day streak thinking that a mile, even jogging slowly, takes no more than about 15 minutes. Maybe 20 if you’re older. I can always find 15 minutes in my day.

I know that’s not easy for everyone, but I’d think most people could find 15 minutes to walk every day, whether it’s 5am or 11pm. Time is not a great excuse when you set a low bar. Or maybe it’s not an excuse at all if you do things like taking the stairs, or walking out of your way on a flat surface, parking further from the door at the grocers, or any number of other ideas.

In technology, it seems to be harder for many people to get into shape. We sit at desks, staring at screens, and often get lost in our work. I try to move fairly often, but I’ve certainly been lost writing code or words and found myself sitting at a desk for hours at a time.

I think taking care of yourself is important, and it’s an investment worth making. My PSA for today is to get out and do a little more movement. You don’t have to run or play basketball or ski. Just go walk. You’d be surprised how beneficial that it.

And have a short memory for sure. If you miss a few days for some reason, forget about it. Pick up some small exercise tomorrow and don’t try to “make up” for what you missed.

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