#GetHawt – The Summer 2012 Edition

Jen McCown started a #GetHawt set of posts last year and I think it went well. It must have, so she started an invitation for a summer competition. Silly me hadn’t been paying much attention, even though I’d seen the tweets. I finally caught up this last week, and decided to unofficially join in.

Update, I meant to publish this on Friday, but didn’t get it completed in time, so I’m sending it out today.

I’ve been running for some time. I keep a log (if you care), and today is day 1427 for me of running at least a mile every day. On the US Running Streak Association site, I’m #228 on the active list.

In all the time, however, I haven’t gotten in great shape. I’m fit, and I feel wonderful, but I haven’t been what you’d call Hawt-shape. Years ago I did the Body for Life diet/challenge with my wife and we got in great shape together. She wanted to try it again, and we started it back up a little over 3 weeks ago. I weighed 224 late last year, which was a bit heavy. I’d like to get lower, but I’m not overly driven by weight.

I weighed myself this week on my scale and it said 205. Note that 205lbs on my scale does not necessarily bear any relation to 205 on any other scale in the universe. We’ve had this old, analog scale since 1992 or so and I can only use relative measurements. I know I was north of 220 earlier this year, so I have slimmed a bit.

It’s going well, and I like it. In terms of the #GetHawt competition, it lines up OK. I drink a ton of water, exercise every day, eat 6 meals a day, get one day off each week to do anything. In terms of the points for last week for me:

Friday – Good day exercising with my son and running for 20. Good meals, with grilled, low fat foods for 30 points, lots of water, lots of sleep (I love summer), sticking with the habits of the new routine, but had a soda. 85 points

Saturday – Free day for me. Ate decent, but enjoyed myself with pizza, tortilla chips and a brownie desert. 20 points for running 3.5 miles, 6 points for one decent meal (it’s free day), 10 pts for water, 15 pts for sleep, for a total of 51.

Sunday – baseball and a 2mi run, water, good meals (6 small meals, no snacks), sleep, got back into the habit of chores. 95 pts since I have no teammates.

Monday – lift, run, water, eating all good. Talked my wife into lifting with my son and I, slept. Sticking to the good habits of the diet, and no soda (trying to cut down), so 100 pts.

Tuesday – Great run, more of the same, but no communication today since my wife was gone. 95 points.

Wednesday – Run, bike, etc. 20 points. Ate well, even threw some candy in the trash without eating it 30 points. water, sleep, 25pts. Communication with my wife and kid 5 pts. Special trip to get a diet coke, -10 points. 70pts.

Thursday – Not a bad day, but I missed the lifting today. I got busy, and ran but my exercise is a getting a bit off track. 20 points. I’ll call it only 18 points for food since the kids got me to stop after volleyball and have part of a burrito. 10 for water, and -10 for a large coke zero. My wife avoided me and I didn’t chase her down. 38 points.

Friday? Up early to fly to Sacramento for SQL Saturday #144. I’ll mostly stuck to the diet. I didn’t have any alcohol at the party, but couldn’t resist Will Meier’s pulled pork. I did mostly have vegetables, and had a good eating day. Call it 20 points for a run in the park, 24 points eating, 10 with lots of water, and 10 for avoiding diet drinks and beer. 64 points.

In a week, that’s 534 points. Not sure if that’s good or bad, but I managed that on Fri-Thur. I wasn’t a strict dieter on the Body for Life diet on Sat/Sun, but I was pretty good.

Even with a double double from In-N-Out on Saturday on the way to the airport.

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