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Leveling the Field

I like small companies. If I had my choice, I’d prefer to work in a small company rather than a large one. I get to know more people, there’s less friction to getting things done, people can make decisions, and … Continue reading

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Help others and enter to win a prize

My home state of Colorado has been devastated by wildfires. My vacation this summer was semi-cancelled with a fire closing a local Boy Scout camp. We found another campsite for a few boys for a couple days, but the weeklong … Continue reading

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Prepare for When Disaster Strikes

Abstract: A talk on disasters and what you can do to prepare for them. I look for four types of disasters, and I briefly talk about the immediate response. However we then go back and look at the ways in … Continue reading

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Security is Improving

I have written many times that we need to improve the security of our systems. We should be adhering to best practices, and limiting access where we can, and most of all, forcing all developers and DBAs to write better … Continue reading

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Working at Home Tips for Erin

A friend of mine, Erin Stellato (blog | @erinstellato) is about to change jobs. She’ll go from working in an office to working at home, and I think it’s great. She’s a very smart young lady, and I think this … Continue reading

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The Mentoring Experiment is taking applications

If you would like a mentor, we’ are taking applications at The Mentoring Experiment. We ran this last year and it went well. We’ve been slow to get another round going for a variety of reasons, but we’re finally moving … Continue reading

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Stack Ranking

Vanity Fair ran a piece awhile back about Microsoft and their tenure under Steve Ballmer. It’s no secret that Microsoft lost some of their dominance over the last decade and their fiscal performance has been less than outstanding. While they have … Continue reading

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Contained Databases – Server Setting Matters

In doing some additional testing on contained databases, I decided to create a new database on a new test VM. CREATE DATABASE cdb1 containment = PARTIAL ; To my surprise, I got this error: Msg 12824, Level 16, State 1, … Continue reading

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Send me your pictures

If you got some with me at SQL in the City last week I London, or anytime in the last year, I’d love to have copies. Pictures are memories for me, and I treasure all the ones I have of … Continue reading

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Using Technology in New Ways

There are some amazing things that we accomplish with technology. For example, there is a system that can track a missile, moving at incredible speeds, and report this information to other applications that could potentially be used to react in some … Continue reading

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