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Better Bosses Needed

Raise your hand if you have a bad boss. Now raise your hand if you’ve ever had a bad boss. I can’t quite make a count, but I’m hoping that those of you with raised hands constitute a minority of … Continue reading

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Performance Data

A good DBA is monitoring their system, looking for problems on a regular basis. The best DBAs are pro-actively heading off future issues by tuning or adding resources to their systems before a problem surfaces. It seems, however, that it’s the rare … Continue reading

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Leaving Some Headroom

I was reading this piece on scaling Dropbox and something caught my eye. It’s a very interesting read, especially if you deal with scaling, and I’d encourage everyone that works with technology to read it. The one thing that really caught my … Continue reading

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Sacramento SQL Saturday Here I Come

Packing for SQL Saturday #144 in Sacramento, CO. Dan Hess, one of the organizers, asked me last November at the PASS Summit if I’d come. I told him I’d try, and the scheduling worked out. As soon as I was … Continue reading

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