The Home Server is Back

After reading about the Amazon/Apple attack this morning, I grabbed a second cup of coffee and went in search of a monitor cord. We’d given a monitor to a friend recently, which was the one rarely used for the Home Server. It wasn’t a big deal since we always log into the Home Server remotely, but we had a power outage and the server went down. Since it’s virtualized, I needed a console to get it started again.

After getting a monitor connected and my virtual server set back up, I immediately kicked off a backup. It’s been down a few weeks, and I’d hate to lose a bunch of work if something happened to the other machines on my network.

I also enabled remote desktop access, so that I can more easily restart things in the future.

Back up your systems. You never know when disaster will strike, which could something as cruel as a hacker or virus wiping your system. As data professionals, we should be more cognizant of the impact of losing information.

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2 Responses to The Home Server is Back

  1. Will H says:

    What server platform do you use at home?


    • way0utwest says:

      I need to write this up, and I assume you mean for my backups. I have W2K3 and W2k8 for testing, but those are in VMs. For my Windows Home Server, I use a Windows 7 host running Virtual Box. Inside VB, I have Windows Home Server v6 running, which is the older version.


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