Running in Central Park at SQL in the City New York

I just booked my tickets for New York City. I’m coming into the city on Sept 27, at 2pm, with just enough time to get to my hotel, drop my bags, and then hit Central Park for a run. I love to run, and Central Park is great. It’s on my list whenever I get back to the city.

SQL in the City is coming to New York City on Friday, Sept 28, 2012. It’s a free day of training from Red Gate Software, and I’m delivering two out of many SQL Server sessions there. Mine are one on database essentials, and one on preparing for disasters. In addition, Grant Fritchey (b | t) will deliver a few on development, we will have Red Gate developers talking about tools, and a few Friends of Red Gate will have sessions on development and administrative topics.

Red Gate is sponsoring a mini-tour of free training days across the US this fall. We did this last year in Los Angeles, and recently finished a two events in London. This is a chance to learn about topics that are important to SQL Server professionals, just like so many other one day conferences. We’ll feed you, provide coffee and snacks, and good conversation, knowledge, and debate on different ways to attack the challenges you face at work.

We’d love to have you attend. Registration is free, and I hope you’ll join us at the Concierge Convention Center in New York City on Sept 28. Come meet all of us, and please feel free to stop any of us and shake our hands.

You can even join me for a run in Central Park on Thursday night if you’re inclined. I’ll post details on Twitter once I figure out how quickly I can get there. I’m guessing I’ll be at the park around 4:30, SE side, but we’ll see.

I love New York, and my kids keep asking if they can come. I’ve been there many times, from road trips in college to taking my oldest to see a Broadway play one weekend. I’ve toured much of the city, and one fond memory is standing on the 80th floor of the World Trade Center in 2000, looking out over the Hudson. I wish I could take a kid and spend a few days there, but this is a quick trip, starting off the US SQL in the City tour.

Register today if you can come. I hope to shake your hand in New York.

This is part of my SQL in the City series, covering a few thoughts on the US tour.

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    Looking forward to it. NYCDotNet will be there!


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