Oracle, MySQL, and MongoDB Come to SQLServerCentral

We’re in for a name change. As of May 1, we’ll be welcoming the Oracle and MySQL communities to SQLServerCentral. Our daily content will grow to include articles and questions about these platforms as we look to become more inclusive to the large numbers of data professionals that work on other platforms.

At Red Gate Software, my employer and owner of SQLServerCentral, we’ve built a number of tools for other platforms. We have our Compare product working on Oracle and MySQL, and we are actively working to extend this technology to MongoDB and other platforms. With so many professionals wearing multiple hats at their employers, we’ve decided to also consolidate our community sites.

As a result, we are going to change the name of the site to



That’s the new site and don’t worry, all your old URLs will redirect. We’ve been working hard to ensure that everything still works as planned, and we have some new tags coming that will allow you to easily filter information to the specific platform you need.

We think this is a great move forward, to include other platforms and give you the opportunity to learn more about other technologies, even if your company doesn’t use them. This is also an April Fool joke, so if you’ve read this far, hopefully you’re smiling with relief.

I do like Oracle and MySQL as technologies and they work fine. I just think in many cases SQL Server works better and I like using it. That being said, the site isn’t changing, but I would encourage you to learn more about other platforms if you have an interest, or your company uses them. Having additional skills can help your career, even if it’s a safety net.

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