The MCM Saga

There was a comment posted on my Connect item for Open Sourcing the MCM. It said:

“I have been able to contact the MS Learning team and they have given me some information about the content. My restatement of that, is that the ownership of the content is a bit complex. Some content is owned by other groups at Microsoft and is being repurposed for delivery in other workshops. In some cases the content is canibalized into a substantially different form. In some cases content was paid for and licensed content for a specific use, and it can’t just be reissued. At any rate, Microsoft doesn’t want to waste the money spent on it, and efforts are being made to use it in some manner. But you won’t see a consistent publishing pattern.”

That’s reasonable, and I’m sure it’s true. I know multiple people worked on the project, and perhaps there is IP from some people that they don’t want released. I understand that, though I don’t like it.

I made my case for this, and while plenty of MCMs disagreed, I was looking at this as a way to improve the community’s knowledge in building applications. Having specific scenarios to work through could help administrators and developers understand what types of real world problems they may face, or even introduce in their designs.

It’s easy to say there’s all this information out there, but it’s incredibly unorganized. I’ve started to try and organize my content, build shorter, smaller posts that lead through a solution. I’m trying to help people (and myself) grow knowledge in a targeted way. Too much of the stuff out there doesn’t do that.

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