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Sabbatical–Volunteer Signups

I did my first volunteer sign ups with Habitat for Humanity today. After completing the orientation, I was waiting for an email that confirmed I had been entered in their system, but since it’s been a week, I decided to … Continue reading

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Attaching All Databases with PowerShell – The Overview

TL;DR Script is here: Git Hub Powershell Scripts. It’s the attachdbs.ps1 and will attach all databases in a folder to a SQL Server instance, if they don’t exist. I wrote a PowerShell script recently to actually accomplish a task I … Continue reading

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The Development Backup

Have you ever had a development server crash? Have you lost work because of this? Had delays or had to recreate code? You shouldn’t, or at least you shouldn’t lose much work or time.. There was a time when I … Continue reading

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The MCM Saga

There was a comment posted on my Connect item for Open Sourcing the MCM. It said: “I have been able to contact the MS Learning team and they have given me some information about the content. My restatement of that, … Continue reading

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