Smooth Database Deployment at SQL in the City 2014

One of the themes at Red Gate Software this year has been “ship often, ship safe”. Actually, that’s been a theme (and goal) for us the last few years as we’ve learned how to build software faster, maintain quality, and get features into the hands of our customers. We’ve been working hard on expanding our knowledge , both through tools and education, to help our customers deliver their database software in a better way.

Grant and I have traveled around the US giving free seminars on database development, deployment, and delivery, with ideas on how you can more easily manage your software pipeline. This fall, we’ve revamped our talks and added a new one on testing, and we’ll be delivering these talks at our 2014 SQL in the City events. We’ll be in London on Oct 24, 2014 and Seattle on Mon, Nov 3, 2014 talking about software, along with a number of our Friends of Red Gate. These will be full day conferences with a variety of DBA related topics featuring a number of speakers that are experts working with SQL Server. Quite a few of our developers and managers will also be available to share our knowledge about the process of building, testing, and deploying software, particularly database driven software. We’d also love to hear about your challenges and issues you face on a regular basis. If you can come, we’d love to meet you.

Our events are a casual, fun, educational way to learn more about SQL Server. You’ll get ideas and tips for becoming a better developer or DBA that you will want to experiment with and put into place every day to make your job more enjoyable. We hope you join us at one of these events, or at one of our seminars in the future.

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