Making Better Presentations–Tips and Tricks

I give a lot of presentations each year. I am constantly trying to improve my presentation skills to continue to get invitations to speak, to represent my employer well, and to ensure attendees are interested and learn a few things.

With that in mind, I’ve compiled a number of tips that I have learned over the years, or that I’ve seen ruin some interesting presentations.

I’ll be adding to this list over time and linking to the posts as they become visible.

Feel free to try one of them (please), all of them (if appropriate), or none of them (not recommended).

Feedback is welcome.

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  1. Hi – the Hide those Windows URL is broken I’m afraid. Seems like something truncated a portion of the middle.


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  3. way0utwest says:

    Sorry, had the posts in the wrong order. The link is live now


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