PASS Rocks SQL Saturday

I had another piece that looked at some issues with PASS slated for today, but it’s been a tough morning. Both with work, and with the conflict with PASS, so I’m going to move this up and give PASS more praise. As conflicted as I am about the organization, it does amazing things for the community.

SQL Saturday #318 – Orlando

I remember when Andy first pitched me on this idea. I was dubious, but we talked about it over months and finally got the first event running in Orlando on Nov 10, 2007.

This weekend, starting already with pre-cons, is the EIGHTH SQL Saturday in Orlando, SQL Saturday #318.


There have been have only been 14 Summits. I went to SQL Saturday #300 a couple weeks ago. That’s amazing. Free training, probably 20+ sessions at each event, held in countries all over the world, from Brazil to Nepal.

If that doesn’t make you smile, you don’t get community.

Now, I know some of you will say “Andy and Steve started SQL Saturday.” True, but it was hard, it was a time sink (mostly for Andy) and while we grew a number of events, we would never have gotten this far.

It’s mostly due to the efforts of Karla Landrum and I can’t praise her enough for the enthusiasm, excitement, and support she brings to the process.

But it’s also PASS.

The organization supports Karla with behind the scenes help from people at headquarters. Without their decision to absorb SQL Saturday and promote it, market it, support local organizers, this would not have grown as it has.

If you search the hashtag, you’ll find some amazing notes. Tweets, excitement, blog posts, and more. If you have been to an event, then you get it. You know how amazing this is and you should thank the people that work and volunteer for PASS.

If you haven’t been, you’re missing out.

Go. Give it a try. Carpool to one near you. Help organize one with your user group. You’ll be amazed.

PASS has done something special with SQL Saturday and they deserve a lot of praise and credit.

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