T-SQL Tuesday #59–My Hero

TSQL2sDay150x150It’s October, and another busy fall is underway for me. It’s also the second Tuesday, so it’s T-SQL Tuesday time again. The invite this month is from Tracy Mckibben, and it’s a neat topic. Not really a technical one, but a fun one that I like.

My Hero! is the title, and we’re asked to write about our heroes, those that we admire and who inspired us. You can participate, just write a post on your blog and link back to Tracy’s post.

If you’d like to host, contact Adam Machanic. This was his idea, and it’s a great idea.

My Hero

I’m middle aged, approaching 50, and really grew up with the explosion of the Internet taking place as my career grew. I watched the personal computer market grow as I went through school and then explode as I worked for a living. I think that really impacted my career with some admiration for two men that are linked with those times, and who become household names.

Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.

I think I admired Steve Jobs early on, when the Apple II was one of my early computers. I appreciated how he helped shape something that was popular, but also an amazing computer that could be expanded, and hacked, and enjoyed. It felt much better than earlier Commodore and TRS models, and more open (ha!) than Atari computers.

I think Jobs stumbled with the Lisa, but I appreciated his investment thoughts later, and was amazed by the NeXT. It was good to see him come back to Apple and build the colorful iMacs, and then turn the music world around with the iPod, and the subsequent iDevices.

I don’t think he’s someone I’d want to work for, or really emulate, but his focus on quality, on pushing for something different inspires me. I don’t know I have the skills or talent to work like him, but the results from his times at Apple still change the way I think today.

For Bill Gates, it’s simpler. He’s a geek. He’s a programmer that built a company I have worked with throughout my career. They haven’t always had the “best” software (however you define that), or even the easiest to work with, but I think MS software, combined with the IBM PC truly caused computing to explode. Before that, the *NIXes were expensive, and were hard for buinesses to implement. MacOS, with the limited hardware and other companies like Lotus and Wordperfect, weren’t advancing their software or making it easy for businesses and Microsoft came in to make something amazing.

I’ve seen Mr. Gates speak a few times, and I’ve always enjoyed it. I have been excited by many of his goals, and the work he’s done to create platforms on which I’ve enjoyed working.

Again, I don’t know that I’d like to work for him, or think all his actions and decisions were good, but I do find inspiration in much of what he’s done.

There are many I admire in the world, and appreciate what they’ve done, as individual actions, or in aggregate, but I certainly have found Mr. Gates and Mr. Jobs to be heroes in my career.

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