Avoiding a DBA’s Worst Days with Monitoring

SQL in the City Abstract: When things go wrong with a database, it can be the start of the worst day of a DBA’s life. Join Steve Jones as he examines the problems uncovered by The DBA Team and how you can prevent them with proactive monitoring and in-depth knowledge of SQL Server.

General Abstract: A DBA usually has a bad day because they are unprepared for issues that commonly occur or unaware of situations that can cause problems. Learn about the five things Steve Jones finds to be most important for DBAs and how you can be ready to handle issues in these areas:

  • Backups
  • Space
  • Security
  • Resources
  • Deployment

This session does include Red Gate tools but explains how issues can be avoided with your own utilities.

Slides: DBAsWorstDays.pptx

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Custom Metrics used in the demo:

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