Off to London

Today I’m off across the Atlantic again. SQL in the City 2014 kicks off in London and I have 3 talks to give on Friday. Plus a keynote.

Today is keynote practice, last minute packing, and then off to the airport for my flight overnight to London. This will be another quick trip, and although I think it would be good to spend a few days in Cambridge at the Red Gate offices, I’m so focused on SQL in the City, as well as this being my third trip this month, I didn’t think it made sense. I still have a week in Seattle coming, so this has been a tough time.

I am a bit excited about the event. We have a new venue, and we’ve worked to fit a number of talks together in a sequence that I think can help get people moving forward in a Continuous Delivery software+database development process. I really think this is the way to build better software, and I want to see us jumpstart development on SSC in this manner in 2015, and hopefully get continuous work being done.

I’ve also got a new talk based on the DBA Team articles, and I hope everyone likes it. I tried for a bit of humor, so we’ll see. If it does well, I’ll do it in Seattle. If not, I’ll be reworking things next week.

Once again work blends into the weekend, though not by much. I’ll be heading back from the UK Saturday morning, so I’ll miss a half day in Denver, though it will be a long day in all for me. My flight will leave around 1am Denver time, so by the time we hit Saturday night, I’ll be a bit worn out.

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